1) A doubler was a large plate or dish, and examples of the word occur from the 1300s (OED).

The dishes could certainly be made of pewter but wooden ones are also on record: 1546 one wood dubler, Leeds

1585 4 cheesefattes, a wood dubler, a chirne, South Cave

1592 4 boules, 4 treene dublers, South Cave

1638 one kit and a wood dubler, Thorpe Willoughby. In an undated deed, probably of the thirteenth century, Hugh le dublerwrith was said to be living in Adwick, a specialist wood-worker, so perhaps the article was usually made of wood in that period.

spellings doubler wright
dates 1200-1300 1546 1585 1592 1638

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0