1) A rare usage, found in connection with sawing timber.

As two sawyers were involved, they will have been working in a saw-pit or on trestles, so the ‘draught’ probably referred to their combined operation of the saw

that is a 'stint' drawing and pushing, and it served effectively as a measure: 1404-5 in sarracione xv draghtez in eisdem 11d, York

1519 to William Frere for sawyng of xxti drawytt, xxd, York

c.1520 Johanni Henryson sawying waynscottes viz xxxij dragttes … Johanni Hogsson secum pro xvj draghttes 16d, Ripon. In 1464-5, the chamberlain’s accounts show that 12d was paid ‘for sawing eighteen dranges of wainscott’ but this term is obscure. If the original is ‘draugs’ it is probably a spelling of draughts.

spellings drang
places York Ripon
dates 1404-1405 1464-1465 1519 1520

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0