1) A pot made of earth or clay.

The Civic Records of York have instructions in 1495 to people living in Ousegate not to set any earth potts … without the gutters tofore theyr shopps, York and the word was in general use 1594 an earthe pott and a paire of tonges, Knaresborough. ‘Earthen pot’ had the same meaning: 1489-90 ˝C erthyn pottes, Hull

1579 iij bottles, earthing potts, South Cave. The occupational term occurs several times in York from the early fifteenth century: 1426 Richard Beverlay, erthpotter

1457 John Potter, erdepotter.

spellings earthen pot
dates 1426 1489-1490 1495 1579 1594

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0