1) In the manorial system 'edish' was a regional term not only for the pasturing rights that tenants enjoyed in the common fields once the hay and corn had been harvested, but also the grass itself.

1528 In primis for the edishe of ij closes at Acclame vs, York

1545 ‘no one shall let or take any wood for eating the herbage called edishe’, Methley

1556 haithe ... as of right eaten the edishe of Hardye Flatt with there cattell ... everye one of them in ther tyme And ... kept there Cattell there at edishe after corne haith bene gonne and other tymes of the yere and when it haith beyne faughe, Welburn

1598 Item the eddishe of one close, Oxmardike.

dates 1528 1545 1556 1598

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0