1) Alternative words for the elder, found in several minor place-names.

1308 ‘new land on Elerenbanck in Stackwode’, Fulstone

1315 le Helintreb[usc]h, Aughton

1593 ‘a flat of land called Ellentreeflat’, Thornhill

1699 les two Ellintree Doles, Wooldale. It is likely to explain the first element in place-names such as Ellen Cliff, Ellen Holme and 1618 ‘Ellentree or Ellinflatt in the same field’, Methley. However, it is unlikely to be the place-name element ‘eller’ which was more commonly a reference to the alder.

spellings ellern ellentree
dates 1308 1315 1593 1618

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0