1) Lengthwise, at full length, along.

The word occurs infrequently but its use points to possible Scandanavian influence. The first example noted, in 1417, refers to a pipe of lede by the alde poste that standys by the walle of John of Moreton ... and all the alde stuffe of lede that lay thare before, endelang and overthwart, York. An undated reference, also of the fifteenth century, is in a terrier of lands formerly held by Healaugh Priory in Catterton: Item on parke lying Endlang the lane 1 acra. The third, dated 1420, is in a licence granted to William Bowes of York to place pales from the dry land endelang the Foss river to St Leonard’s hospital.

places York Catterton
dates 1417 1420

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0