evidence chest

1) References to deeds in coffers or chests regularly feature in wills from the early 1500s.

In 1543, William Arthington made the following bequest: to William my son my evidence chist with all my evidence: in 1559, Robert Vescye left to his son one greate yron bonde evydens chiste, remaynynge at Ticchull [Tickhill] and one less chist with the name of Vescye graven of it. Even more explicitly, in 1582, Mr John Lacye of Leventhorpe wrote I bequithe one longe chiste standinge in a newe chamber with thre lockes withall the evidences in yt to the kepinge of Martyn Byrkhead, esquier, Richard Lacye and John Lacye his son, and every of them severallie to kepe his key, and … the thre above named persons shalbe present at the openinge thearof. This conveys some idea of the security measures that were necessary.

dates 1543 1559 1582

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0