1) A hill or mountain.

1456-7 In vigilacione in le Fell per Wm sergentson per iij noctes xijd, Fountains Abbey

c.1537 all the sole [soil] wasts and ground of the same Fells was the proper Soyle and lands of Fontaunce, Fountains Fell

1710 the greatest part of the way lyes upon and over a great high moore and fell not much used in the Winter season, Bowland.

dates 1456-1457 1537 1710

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2) A verb used by weavers meaning to finish a piece or a warp.

The EDD has examples in the West Riding from the late nineteenth century and it occurs in the diary of a weaver: 1794 Feb. 10 Fell’d a Piece

the last of my warp, Keighley.

places Keighley
dates 1794

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0