1) This verbal noun was used to mean providing for, or maintenance.

1484 it is my will that he have his fynding with my Wyfe, Lead

1507 ‘the enfeoffment of certain lands for the fyndyng of oure yonger childer’, Farnley. In 1608, in a maintenance case at the Quarter Sessions, the father of an illegitimate child took alone upon him the finding of the child, Malton. As with the verb ‘to find’ it could apply to providing fodder for domestic animals and meals for workmen: c.1540 A Cater which shall fynde his horse at his charge, to have by yere for diete and fyndyng of his horse Ł6 13s iiijd, Fountains Abbey.

dates 1484 1507 1540 1608

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0