flanders ark

1) Chests imported from Flanders.

In The Connoisseurs Handbook of Antique Collecting they were said to be in great demand by the sixteenth century, and by 1483 members of the London Cofferers Guild were protesting at their importation. They were already in Yorkshire more than a century earlier: 1376 xiijs iiijd pro j arca de Flandria, Ripon

1400 j flawndirsark, York

1430 unam cistam de Flandria, Ripon

1434 unum par de trussyngcoffres, unum Flaundres kyst, Campsall. They are regularly found in inventories through the 1500s and into the seventeenth century, but may then have been falling out of fashion: 1561 one flanders chist bound with iron, Leeds

1614 j old flanders chest, Stockeld

1641 one little flanders chiste, Fairweather Green

1701 One old Flanders Chest, Elland.

spellings flanders chest
dates 1376 1400 1430 1434 1561 1614 1641 1701

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0