flood gate

1) A gate which could open or close a channel through which water flowed, a sluice.

It will sometimes be evidence that controlled flooding of riverside meadows was taking place. A very early but undated reference is flodeyhaytes de Suttondyk, in the Chronica Monasterii de Melsa. Probably later are: 1364 ‘les flodyates of the mill’, Thorner

1476 milnedammes, lokkes, hebbyng weres, piles, hekks, flodeyates and all other impediments, York. It remained in common use: 1788 making and using flood gates, store-bays and other works, Hunsworth

1474 flodeyates alias voc’ flodeheckes, Wakefield.

spellings flood-heck
dates 1364 1474 1476 1788

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0