foot bridge

1) A bridge for foot passengers.

The name Pighill Bridge may not have survived but it was a bridge in Thornton in Craven in the way over the Water called Pighill ... In the high Road between London and Kendall. It was much used - to the usual number of 80 or 100 packs in every week and in 1690 there was demand for a new stone bridge of one arch 5˝ yards betwixt the springers. The complaint by London Carryers, draught passengers and the neighbourhood contains much of interest: There is but a foot-bridge for a led horse ... the ford where the usuall way formerly was being worne deepe and quite lost soe as the same can not possiblely bee made to passe thorough as heretofore with any probabiliety of safety ... now soe it is that the water is deepe not broad and the foot-bridge might have sarved still ... but now the ford being soe worne and gone ... there is no other way to continue that high-road but by making a stone bridge with a cawsey for cart and carriage.

dates 1690

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0