1) The shut or shot was a group of parallel lands in the town fields, a distinct sub-section.

‘Foreshut’ is a rare term but can be compared with forbyland, foredole and foreland, all dealt with separately. Examples date from the fifteenth century: 1438 ‘1˝ lands of the same forschote lying between les marlepittez’, Harrogate

1443-4 ‘one acre lying on le Overfurchotes’, Stockeld

1564 ‘one other broad land … of the same forshott’, Thirsk. It gave rise to minor place-names: 1664 two closes of meadow called Stubbin and Furshotts, Ramsgill. No evidence was offered for Foreshotts Laithe in Halton East but no doubt this barn owed its name to land near by named Foreshotts.

dates 1438 1443-1444 1564 1664

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0