1) Spellings of ‘galosh’ which in early references was a wooden shoe or sandal fastened to the foot with thongs of leather (OED).

Examples in an undated set of ordinances for the York cordwainers point to a type of shoe made of leather, at least in part: c.1424 Et pro aptacione et factura xij parium galages coriis non hematis xxj d

1621 Thomas Taylor shoemaker ... for boets xs, shoes iijs, goloshoes 2s 6d payd, Brandsby. From the seventeenth century it may sometimes have referred to an over-shoe: 1653 One Spanish leather blacke pair show without golosh, Stockeld.

spellings golosh galosh
dates 1424 1621 1653

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0