1) An iron bar in the chimney from which pots could be suspended.

1432 unum instrumentum ferreum in camino aulć vocatum balk, York

1558 Item on gallowbalke with crokes on payre of tonges, South Cave

1583 gallow balk, ij reckens with gallow crokes, tonges, and fyre sholl [shovel], Ripon

1634 Item, a gallowbaulke with 2 crookes and 2 luggs they hinge on, and a pair of tongs, Elmswell

1676 One gallowbalke & dogs, Selby. See gallow-tree, gallows. Less usual is the spelling ‘gally’: 1676 In the kitchin 1 gally balke runners & a range, Ripon.

dates 1432 1558 1583 1634 1676

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0