1) A set of articles such as the parts of a wheel which are usually taken together.

1318 pro ij gangs de spekes, Bolton Priory: 1485 x gang de felghes, xs, iiij gang de spekes, ijs, Ripon

1599 one gauge [sic] of cart wheles, Kettlesing

1627 two carts, one pair of whelles, two gange of felks, sixe axletrees, Cottingley

1653 stealing three gang of wheelspeakes, Malton. It was also used of timber but the precise meaning here is uncertain: a.1568 John Gilpin sold certain trees and branches to three men which did make above xx gangs of whole Tymbre, Pickering Forest.

dates 1318 1485 1568 1599 1627 1653

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2) A regional verb meaning to go.

1454 Item for the floks att klyppynge gangynge ou’ the pastour by iij yere, xs, Fountains Abbey. The reference here is to the right of flocks to go on the pasture: c.1540 From the farm of lez somer gangs for the whole year 26s 8d, Swine Priory. The usage was responsible for minor place-names.

dates 1454 1540

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0