1) To make, to cause, now obsolete.

1428 he perceived wele that iren waxed skant and dere, and he had mykyll with in hym of dross and landiren

and tharfor he gart forge yt in shapp of osmundes, York

1495 all maner of thynges that may be profite ... to the said comonaltie ye sall do and gar be done right wisely, York

1525 sayd to Gatell that yf he wold come forth of the seyd church yarde that he would garre the seyd Gatell to make amendes, Ouseburn

1667 For my part I shall garr two oxen and two horses maintaine me like a man all my life-time, Alnwick.

dates 1428 1495 1525 1667

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0