1) A large ornamental bead, characteristically found at intervals in rosaries.

1454 unum par precarum cum Gawdis de auro, Whitkirk

1486 also j payr of bedis of corall conteignyng thre tymes l, with all the gaudis of silver and gilt, and of every side of gaudis a bede of silver, Hull

c.1500 Tria paria precularium del corall, cum le gaudeys argenti deaurati, York

1532 one pare of Corall beades with silver gaudes, Church Fenton

1543 a pare of corall beades of three score with sex gawdes of golde, Adel. Note the use of the verb: 1453 unum par precularum de auro cum peerle gaudet, York

1498 Item a litell paier of geit bedez, gaudied with peierle, price iiijd, Wakefield.

spellings gaudy
dates 1453 1454 1486 1498 1500 1532 1543

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0