1) A regional spelling of gable, defined in the OED as the triangular piece of wall from the eaves to the summit, although colloquially the ‘gable end’ seems to refer to the whole wall.

1420 a upperyghte gavel, York

1617 the West gavle ende, Brafferton

1811 to build up the Gavel end next the ground where part of the premises was taken for widening the street, Beverley. The term may have been used for the triangular pieces of stone which formed the gable: 1698 three free stone gavells hewing and leying on, Pickering. The elision of the ‘v’ was responsible for an unusual spelling: 1728 the gaole end of the barn newly erected, Tong

spellings gaole
dates 1420 1617 1698 1728 1811

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0