gilding of knives

1) Knives decorated with gold; the practice was codified for cutlers in 1624 and 1625.

An Act of 1624 and the by-laws which followed in 1625 established a code of practice for cutlers, with special emphasis on the materials to be used in making knife handles. Most cutlers were producing plain knives for the mass market, since gilded knives were expensive to make and cost five shillings the dozen. However, an award in 1628 makes it clear that some cutlers were deceiving unwary purchasers by mixing gold with brass, or silver with tin or pewter, as a consequence of which the rules were strengthened. Note the by-name: 1431 Johannes Nevergelt, goldsmyth, York.

places York Sheffield
dates 1431 1628

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0