1) In earlier centuries, the girdle was an important article of clothing, serving ‘to secure or confine’ garments or carry accoutrements such as a purse or weapon (OED).

Although these items could be made of different materials, leather was in common use: 1475 all tho that sellys eny gyrdels made of leddyr … be contributory to the craft, York. Girdlers had strong links with other crafts, the riveters for example, whose products were for ornament. The first girdlers’ ordinances in York date from 1307 and they issue instructions about the leather that might be used: that nane of tham by na lether falland to gyrdels of na man bot of barkers and battours, and lether with the here apon whar so tham likes.

places York
dates 1307 1475

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0