1) The red kite, or more generally a hawk, classed as vermin in the past.

1632 A paine laid that noe tenant ... suffer any glead pyannatt water Crowe or Ruckes ... to brude but destroy either their eggs or young ones, Burton Agnes. When the minister Oliver Heywood was discussing turkey chicks he wrote: 1682 a glead came furiously to catch them, Northowram. The bird’s colour was evidently distinctive: 1564 Item a yonge black horsse 40s

Item a yonge gledcolorede 40s, Marske

1578 Item a glead hewed colte, Loversall. It was a common element in minor place-names, e.g. Gledholt, Gledwing, and probably the source of an early by-name: 1251 William Glede, Aughton.

dates 1251 1564 1578 1632 1682

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0