1) A triangular piece of land, often one in the open fields where ‘shuts’ met at an angle.

1548 Item a halfe acre with a gore lienge at the lymekilnes upon the north side, Sherburn in Elmet

1681 also three lands and a goore, and one land more in the Land Ends Shutt, Brampton Bierlow. In the east of the county the usual pronunciation was ‘gare’: 1642 there is in it 14 through lands and two gares, Elmswell

1670 arrable land in the cornfields ... that is to say two lands and one gaire, Thirsk

1723 two lands and a gaire lying together called Calf-Criblands, Newton in Cleveland.

spellings gare
dates 1548 1642 1670 1681 1723

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0