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This word is found in descriptions of cattle, and the meaning suggested by one editor is that it might be ‘gored’, as by another cow’s horn. The frequency of the term makes that seem unlikely: 1529 to ... my son a gored whye the better, Preston

1549 a gawd whie stirke, Newton Kyme

1552 vnto ... my doughter ... a gared cowe, Thorp Arch

1556 to Jenet my wif one gared cowe, Garforth

1558 vnto Joan my doughter a gowred cowe, Fairburn

1591 one reade gard whie stirke, Hudswell. However, almost all the references are found in the Leeds area and a link with ‘gard, garded’ seems possible. Note: 1505 I witto John Jakson a gordid whye, Leeds.

dates 1505 1529 1549 1552 1556 1558 1591

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0