1) Originally a place where grain was stored, a barn or granary, but in the pre-Dissolution period it was used of the outlying farms or estates held by the great abbeys.

c. 1200 concessi et confirmavi predictis monachis grangiam de Neuby cum omnibus pertinentiis, Clapham

1535 there grange-place of Loftemarres and the halfe parte of Calfcoitt, Rievaulx. It was a significant element therefore in early place-names with examples such as Bentley Grange and Bradley Grange. It became a popular house-name in the nineteenth century, along with grove and lodge. See WYAS791-8.

places Rievaulx Clapham
dates 1200 1535

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0