1) Obsolete spellings of greyhound.

1514 a grett multitude off dogges both grewhondis and ratches, Moor Monkton

1533 That none within the libertiez of Selby kepe neyther hownde, spangell, ne grewend

1668 Two Croft yeomen for keeping grewhounds. Also recorded are the terms grew bitch and grew whelp: 1541 Milo Stubbes qui habet ... unum canem vocat. a grehebyche, Birstwith

1619 A grew whelpe sent me from Pocklinton of Wm Anlabies bitch

My sister Browne promised some whelpes of her grew-bitch, Brandsby.

spellings grewhound grew bitch grew whelp
dates 1514 1533 1541 1619 1668

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0