1) A silver coin worth four pence, introduced in 1279, and in general circulation intermittently until 1855.

1504 all grotts ... not clipped nor ronnged shalbe curaunt, York

1529 the daye of my sepulture ... preistes haue grottes, clerkes pens, Spofforth

1544 xxti of hold groyts cawlyd chekasydes, Staveley

1561 Inprimis in golde Ł48 15 10. Item in Mary grotes, Ł4 0 0, Spaldington

1591 a byll of five markes ten grotes oweth 6s 8d, South Cave

1642 I have knowne such sheepe deare of xijd the quarter when theire fellowes have been sold for 3s and 10 groates, Elmswell

1725 paid five grotes for it, Ilkley.

dates 1504 1529 1544 1561 1591 1642 1725

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0