1) A type of nail, usually said to be large, and used in fixing gutters, although references in the churchwardens’ account of St Michael, Spurriergate, link such nails with ‘tingles’, in securing the bell wheels and carved angels’ wings.

1419 Et in v.c. guletnaile, prec. 5d, York

1456 pro diversis clavis, viz … vij.m golettnaill, Ł7 6s 2d, York

1504 vjc gullyt naylles iiijd, York

c.1520 Item pro gullet nayles 2d, Ripon

1543-4 Pro j.m gullit nailes, 6d, York

1546-7 and gullyt naylles for the aungelles weynges ijd ob, York.

places York Ripon
dates 1419 1456 1504 1520 1543-1544 1546-1547

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0