1) An alternative spelling of heck.

1396-7 Et dat. pro emendacione de le hak ecclesić Rypon 5d

1561 the rest have been made for stables, and the hakks and mangers are gone, Howden

1570 the horse bay hacke and manger, Spaldington.

dates 1396-1397 1561 1570

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2) A tool for breaking clods or chopping up roots and the like.

1400 et omnes lez hakkys, pykkys, spadis, Haltemprice

1421 Pro ij hakkes de ferro emptis ... pro mundacione dictć quarerć, York

1563-4 the same grounde was digged up with hackes and spades after it was plewed, Rawdon

1588 one axe, one hatchett, one hack, two little wedges, one gavelock, one parcer, one wymble, Dalton. Examples of the verb occur less commonly: 1571-2 did cut and hacke away certane pipes of leade, Ripon

1783 I and 3 men Hacked, Ovenden. Note: 1422 Pro j fraxino empta pro haxshafftes, 14d, York.

dates 1400 1421 1422 1563-1564 1571-1572 1588 1783

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0