1) In the past, in Yorkshire, the township or townships which made up the parish frequently had subdivisions which had their own identity and some degree of autonymy: these were called hamlets.

1294 in hamelecto de Stakhous ... juxta Gegliswik,

1339 In campo de Lewynthorp hamelett de Thorneton, Bradford

1464 ‘in Northland hammelett of the vill of Ryssheworth’

1522 in the hamelett of Harlogate, Knaresborough

1599-1600 a messuage called Toftshae or Toftshawe being part of a hamlet of the same name, Hunsworth

1621 Netherthwonge is a Hamlett within the Towneshippe of Meltame ... knowne by diverse auncyent meares and boundes. These hamlets were territories, not groups of houses, although small settlements may have existed within their boundaries. The Toftshaw example suggests that the hamlet derived its name from the settlement but the reverse might also be true. See WYAS238.

dates 1294 1339 1464 1522 1599-1600

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0