1) A heavy implement with a solid head used for beating or driving nails.

The heavy, power-driven hammer used in a forge seems in some contexts to have symbolised the forge itself A page of accounts for 1587 has headings for Hammers at Att[er]cliffe and Hammers chardges. A legal dispute heard in the Court of Starchamber in 1623 was concerned with damage done to Mr Barnby’s forge at Colne Bridge, and one issue was to determine when it had been built. James Hirst testified that he had heard a conversation about the lease for the plott of ground whereunto the said forge hammer and other housinge now stand. Several of those questioned said that they had known the Iron Forge and hammer ever since the same was builded.

dates 1587 1623

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0