1) A regional term for a stook of corn, twelve sheaves in one definition of 1674 (OED).

1555 ‘58 score lez hattocks aveni grown in Stak Closse’, Otley

1592 thay did see ix score stowkes or hattockes of oates in the Close, Masham

1710 John Holdsworth had severall hattacks of wheat and one of rye ... rubbed, beat or threshed out in the night time, West Riding

1782 in the After noon this day 6 Men share 57 Hattock in all 118 large Hattocks in Pomfret [a field-name], Ovenden.

dates 1555 1592 1710 1782

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0