1) Having white spots or streaks, used mostly of cattle.

1528 a browne hawked stotte of iij yeres olde, Great Preston

1577 one black hauckt qwie, South Cave

1613 a cow of Anthony Pratt’s red hawked in colour, Fossdale. The background colour was not always expressed: 1546 one hawekid quie, Ledston

1581 one cowe and a yonge haukte whye, Grinton. As a name for an ox ‘hawk’ might belong here: 1530 Item do et lego Thome predicto filiuo meo bouem vocatum Halke, Stutton but as ‘falcon’ was also a name it may refer to the bird of prey. See NH145-6.

dates 1528 1530 1546 1577 1581 1613

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0