1) The plant was grown for its valuable fibre, used for ropes and stout fabric. It was formerly in widespread cultivation, apparently in small enclosures near the house.

1544 ‘a garden near the messuage, called a hempgarth’, Acomb

1558 I gyve ... to Agnes Foster and to Meryall Glowe all my hempe and lyne, Pontefract

1659 a messuage ... and hempe garth thereunto belonging, Kirby Hill. The household accounts for Stockeld have the following entries: 1579 Item for ij bushel of henp sed ijs viijd

1582 Item payd for brakyng hempe at jd day.

spellings hemp garth
dates 1544 1558 1579 1582 1659

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0