1) A word used locally for the material with which charcoal-burners covered the cordwood in a charcoal pit. It had to make the mound airtight so that combustion did not take place.

1527 to have sufficiently Turves and hillinges to cover his Charcole pittes as afore hath been accustomed in the contree, Denby

1595 sufficiente turfe and hillinge for the collinge of the woods, Kexbrough.

dates 1527 1595

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2) A bed cover or quilt.

1567 Item neyne coverlettes & one hillinge in the said chamber, Fixby

1581 j bead helynge, Anston

1644 Item one couerlett one hillinge & one payre of blanketes xxxs, Lepton

c.1740 bed hilling & rug, Holmfirth.

places Lepton Fixby
dates 1567 1644

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0