1) Usually young sheep, but could refer to pigs too.

These are not well documented terms, especially since they were sometimes abbreviated, a practice which makes it difficult to distinguish them from ‘hog’. Early references include: 1297 Item ij hogastr’, precium xijd, Bishop Thornton

1371 Item octo hoggettes precii cujuslibet xvjd per majus centum, Ripon

1426 multones et hogastros apud Brantingham, Spaldington

1459 pro Cust. hogastrorum in Apylgarth, Malham. Usually the animals referred to were young sheep but in the accounts of Bolton Priory the term could be used of either sheep or swine: 1303-4 Oves: Multones ... Oves matrices ... Hogastri: Porci: De hogastris .

spellings hogget
dates 1297 1303-1304 1371 1426 1459

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0