1) A kind of bread, made of beans, bran, etc, as food for horses.

1389-90 De pane equino: Ordeigne est ... que payn pur chivals soit dument fait des peyses et feves solunc le pris dycelles et iiij paynes pur jd, York

1477 it is agreed from now furth that no baxter that kepys osterie bak ne horsebreid, York

1482 as long as the pryce of beyns be ondyr at iiijs or above that the baxters of this Cite shall sell thre hors lofys for jd and that every lofe shall weye thre pound, York

1554 a payn ys layde that the Common bacsters shall from hensfurthevards kepe ... an oven for whete bred on for Rye brede & an other for horse brede as haythe beyn used In tymes past, Wakefield. Horse-bread continued to be made well into the eighteenth century and was listed alongside Oat-bread, Maslin, Rye Bread, etc in a new assize of bread set in 1742, Leeds.

dates 1389-1390 1477 1482 1554 1742

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0