1) The head of a household; an indication of social standing.

A term on record since 1330: 1429 Item do et lego Ricardo Grymston husbandman j archum j shafe de Sagittis et unum gladium cum uno buklerr, Bramham

1448 ‘Robert Skelton of Cessay, husbandman’, Snaith. It was very often an indication of social standing: in 1554, the churchwardens of Sheriff Hutton noted that gressmen were assessed at 1d each and hussbandmen at 4d. Canon Purvis drew attention to another social comparison in respect of church seating: 1571 It is also further ordered that the gentlemen and gentlewomen being nowe ... removed from the Ladye quere shalbe convenientlie placed neare the quere and the husbande men removed and set lower, Normanton. Note: 1671 see the money husbandly employed for the country’s advantage, Nunnington.

dates 1429 1448 1554 1571 1671

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0