1) An alternative spelling of ‘hot’ meaning a heap of turf, earth or stones.

Such heaps could mark points on a boundary and in a dispute over grazing rights the word was used several times, both as a noun and a verb: 1661 beinge letten understand ... that Thomas Millner theire Neate-heard had ... hutted from Cottam-cross downe that highway which goes to the North-east corner of Hugill ... I rode up on tewsday the 14th of May with an intention to throwe downe theire hutts, and tooke alonge with mee a draught of the platforme of the sayd sheep-walke ... But when I came thither I was informed ... that the sayd hutts were putte downe againe ... soe close that they could scarce be discerned where they were graven ... William Stayringe and Matthewe Wilkin ... were allsoe eye witnesses to the huttinge of them, Elmswell. This may explain The Hutts in Grewelthorpe a minor place-name previously interpreted as ‘a hut, a rude dwelling’.

places Elmswell
dates 1661

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0