1) The word used for the workman who cut and sold bundles of faggots.

1410 Uni kiddir pro labore suo … diversis operariis pro cariagio fagotorum , York. Some kidders were badgers, carriers or even harness makers, and in most references the distinction is not clear: 1457-8 Thomas Ketloke, kyddar, Fountains Abbey

1731 codder alias Kidder or harness-maker, West Riding

1767 James Knott ... did exercise the faculty of a common badger, lader, kidder, carrier, buyer and seller of corne and grain, Honley. An early undated charter has Richard le Kidare in Creskeld near Otley.

dates 1410 1457-1458 1731 1767

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0