1) A weir or barrier in a river, with an opening which is fitted with nets to catch fish. It may have also referred to the nets so used.

1398-9 ‘And for one fishing-net called a Dikenet and 3 kidellis purchased at Crowle for the fishery in the dam’, Selby

1462-3 usque Blaktofte ad supervidendum gurgites, palos, pilos et kidellos in aqua Use stantes, York

1476 to make deue inquisicion of all the gootes, fishgarthes, milnes, milnedammes, lokkes, hebbyng weres, piles, kidelles, hekks, flodeyates ... sett, fixed ... in any of the saide waters, York.

places Selby York
dates 1398-1399 1462-1463 1476

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0