1) An obsolete spelling of kiln.

The examples quoted illustrate the many uses such buildings had: 1498-9 Item John Kempe and John Marshall brent two lyme killes to the which they toke xxxi okes

1612 all the rest was led to the bricke kyll, at 476 loades, Brandsby

1614 abutting on ... Dirty Butts, Maltkills, Cawdwell Dyke, Skerne

1647 a kill full of new otes, Thurlstone

1704 wooll stolne out of a kill, Wetherby. Note: 1613 Killhouse - xvtine quarters of malte, Stockeld.

dates 1498-1499 1612 1614 1647 1704

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0