1) A hair cloth on which grain was laid in a drying kiln. It had other uses and was often linked with ‘steep fat’ in inventories, which might suggest a role in brewing.

1487 not leful ... to wirk eny maner stuffe as ropes, kilne heris or eny other thing to that craft belonging, York

1511 j par le kilnehaires , Beckwithshaw

1528 To John my son a stepe fatt, a par of kilne haires , Sherburn in Elmet

1555 to John Humblocke my sonne one paire of kilne haires & a stepefatt , Burton Salmon

1625 Item a steep fatt a pair of killhires a window cloth , Knaresborough. It gave rise to an occupational term: 1701 a kilnhairmaker , Bowling.

dates 1487 1511 1528 1555 1625 1701

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0