1) Could be either a hook to hang a pot in the chimney, or the detachable handles of a pot or pan.

A northern dialect word with two meanings, although in many contexts the distinction is not clear. It could refer to the hook which allowed a pot to be suspended in the chimney or to the detachable handles of a pot or a pan. 1425-6 pro uno kylpe de ferro, Ripon

1444 j parva patella cum kilpis pond. iiij lb, Beverley

1452 j paris kilpys ferri, jd, Beverley

1490 De ij pare of kylpys ijd , York

1559 a reckand, a payre of potte kilpes, Saxton

1574 For mending the kilpe and the eares of the bucket, 6d, York

1634 Item, a brass pot and the kilps, Elmswell. Note: 1400 lego Agneti ... j patellam kylpyd, York

1479 my best kelpyd pan, York.

dates 1400 1425-1426 1444 1452 1479 1490 1559 1574 1634

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0