1) A tub with a variety of domestic uses, among which were brewing, kneading, salting.

1341 duas kymelyns et duos parvos barellos, York

1419 j kymlyn, precii vd, Beverley

1485 Item j kymlyn pro carnibus salsandis xxd, Ripon

1545 towe kymlings for salting of beefe the one of woode the other of leade, Richmond

1581 1 lytyll kymnell, Anston. It developed numerous variant spellings: 1547 a kimbelett, Great Preston

1571 a kimiell or kneading tub, Elmswell

1574 ij gymletts xls with beafe in theme, Wensley

1589 Item one gymnel the price 3s, Downholme

1599 one chimblinge, Cottingley

1599 a kymbling and a tubb, Knaresborough

1602 one gimling, One barrel, one stand, Knaresborough

1731 a cimlin and a stanin stule, Austerfield. Whole animals could be preserved in kimlins: 1658 one kimlinge with a hogg salted in itt, Selby

1714 one kimblin with a cow salted therein, Knaresborough.

spellings kimnel cimlin gimling gymnel gymlett chimblinge
dates 1341 1419 1485 1545 1547 1571 1574 1589 1599 1602 1731

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0