kirk steele

1) The church stile, located at the point where the kirk gate reached the enclosure around the kirk garth, first noted in an undated thirteenth-century charter.

c.1260 β€˜3 roods lay at Kyrkestille’, Hornington

1446-58 Joh. Magneby at the kyrkstele, xijs viijd, Fountains Abbey

1497 the house at the kirkstille, I will that it be given to our Lady chauntery, Stokesley

1551 β€˜one other rood lies next to Le Kirkestele’, Ossett. As a by-name it was not uncommon in the fourteenth century: 1314 Robertus attekirkstiel de Wistow, York

1379 Richard Athekyrcstil, Hayton. 'Church stile' started to be used early in the Tudor period: 1505 the house at Rothwell church stele called Chapman house

1607-8 to be whipped ... from the Church-stile to the place of her late dwelling there, Malton. For more information on kirk, kirk steele, etc see NH163-166.

dates 1260 1314 1379 1446-1458 1497 1505 1551 1607-1608

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0