kirk wark

1) The fabric of a church building.

Testators often made cash bequests for church repair or new projects, some of them under certain conditions: 1434 To the kyrkewerke xls, Ousefleet

1444 Also to the kirkwerk and for my beriall xls, Hull

1485 To the werk of the college kirk of Ripon x marcs

1531 Also I bequest to the kirkewarkes of Harwod vjs viijd and [if] thai make a rudloft within the space of iij yeres after my departing. ‘Church’ started to be preferred to ‘kirk’ from the late fifteenth century: 1483 I bequeath xs to be disposed ... to the chirch warkes of Sendale ... and amonges pore people, Hullen Edge.

dates 1434 1444 1483 1485 1531

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0