1) Commonly a woman’s garment, a gown or skirt.

1398 lego Marjorić Tyrwhite unum curtby, j kirtill ... Alicić servienti nostrć ... unum kirtill viridis coloris, Beverley

1473 ‘to Margaret Covell one kirtill coloris rubri’, Hampsthwaite

1538 to Isabell Brashay my fustiane kirtle, Slaidburn

1620 Blacke damaske to make my wife a gowne kirtle & bodyes, Brandsby. It could also be a man’s tunic or jacket: 1560 I will that John Cowper hav my satten kyrtle to make hym a jackett of, Leeds. Note the by-name: 1315 Robert Witkirtel, Marsden.

dates 1315 1398 1473 1538 1560 1620

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0