1) A regional spelling of ‘loading’.

1556 ledde a lode of the wheate and rye to Bulmer tieth lathe ... the Parson of Bulmer was presente ... at the ladynge.

places Bulmer
dates 1556

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2) A method of poaching, possibly by digging water channels which could be dammed to trap the fish.

In 1439, tenants of Shelley were accused of illegal fishing by means of ladeyng: it was one of several similar presentments in which ‘machines’ were used, and the poachers’ method in these cases is not immediately clear. Later by-laws suggest that water channels or 'lodes' were dug, leading away from the river, which might then be dammed allowing the fish to be easily trapped: 1661-3 we lay in payne that no person ... doe ladde and cut up any mans land to dame for fishing within this liberty, Golcar

1739 John Earnshaw is to ... inform against such persons as destroy the fish with ... daming and lading, Meltham.

places Golcar Shelley
dates 1439 1661-1663

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0