1) A place for an animal to lie down, sometimes a fold or enclosure.

1672 did see [him] cary a shepe into a laire, West Riding. In upland townships the ‘lair’ could be simply a place on the fellside where animals customarily grazed and settled down for the night. See AW111 & 121.

places West Riding
dates 1672

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2) The resting place of a corpse, a grave or tomb.

1541 I will that my executors provide for a layer stone to cover my corps after my decesse, Pontefract

1541-2 pro denariis debitis pro le layrestall infra ecclesiam, Ripon

1559 I gyve for my lare stede in the churche iijs iiijd, Wycliffe.

spellings lairstall lairstead
dates 1541 1541-1542 1559

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0